Moja EFPSA izkušnja

Tina Vardič predstavi Evropsko federacijo društev študentov psihologije (EFPSA), njeno delovanje ter kaj vse nudi študentom psihologije in kako se ji lahko vsak pridruži. Ob tem deli tudi svojo izkušnjo, hkrati pa jo pospremi z izpovedmi ostalih študentov psihologije, ki so aktivni v EFPSI.


I explain some of the misconceptions about p-values and similar concepts by summarising an online course in statistical inferences. Some of the similar concepts inluded are Type I and Type II error rates, effect sizes, statistical significance, the frequentist approach, and a brief mention of the Bayesian statistics.

Bilingualism and Cognition

Although there have been and there still are debates regarding the definition of bilingualism, it is generally agreed that bilingualism is not a categorical label, but it is rather a spectrum that reaches from speaking one language at one end to speaking two or more at the other end. But how does it develop and what are the connections to cognition?